Richard Rinehart, Jr.

Richardʼs Proxy Statement

2017 and 2018 were great years for Sealaska and I believe 2019 and 2020 should be even better. Our profits will enable us to make even more progress on our commitment to economic, social and cultural benefits for our Sealaska shareholders. Sealaska now has income from several sources:
  • Investment in profitable seafood processing will continue to grow;
  • In addition to our traditional timber operation we now also have a carbon offset project that generates profits without harvesting timber;
  • Reduction in company expenses (including director compensation);
  • ANSCA 7(i) revenues from other regions; and
  • Our Permanent Fund Investments.
We have used our profits in many ways, including:
  • Paying out higher dividends
  • In 2018 we added $10 million to our scholarship fund endowment-the first increase to the Scholarship Endowment Fund since its inception;
  • In 2018 we put $6 million in the Deishu Memorial Fund to create a bereavement benefit for our shareholders; and
  • We are creating sustainable profits and will have more benefits for all our shareholders for years to come.
The Alaska Native Veterans Land Allotment bill recently became law and we will continue pushing forward on legislation for our five Landless communities.

I respectfully ask for your votes, Gunalchéesh, Háw'aa!!

AGE: 59
CITY/STATE: Kenmore, Washington
OCCUPATION: CEO for Tlingit and Haida Business Corporation; president of Raven Potlatch Development, LLC; and also managing member of Raven Potlatch Real Estate, LLC.
CURRENT AND PREVIOUSLY HELD POSITIONS WITHIN SEALASKA CORPORATION AND/OR SEALASKA SUBSIDIARIES: Former chief financial officer of Sealaska Corporation; member of the Sealaska Board of Directors since 2013; member of the Sealaska Audit Committee and Finance Committee; serves as chair of the Haa Aanf, LLC Board of Managers; former chair of the Sealaska Government Services, LLC Board of Managers; former member of the Governance-Nominations Committee.
DIRECTORSHIP(S) HELD IN OTHER ENTITIES: Director on Tlingit Haida Tribal Business Corporation board
EDUCATION: Master of Business Administration from Portland State University and a Bachelor of Science from Portland State University
AFFILIATIONS: Member of the Shx'at Kawáan Dancers and ANB Camp 4 of Wrangell. Richard is Tlingit/Raven, Kiks.ádi (Frog clan), Gagaan Hit (Sun House), Teeyhíttaan yádi (child of). His Tlingit names are Tashee and Du aani Kax Naalei.