State and Regional Economic Benefits by ANCSA Corporations

“The passage of Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) had effects that reached far beyond Alaska Native people. By creating Alaska Native-owned, for-profit corporations, ANCSA brought additional economic diversity to the state that has benefited all Alaskans, either directly or indirectly. ANCSA brought added value to the economy of the State of Alaska, the federal government, and the private sector.” — ANCSA Regional Association

  • In 2018, Alaska Native Regional corporations generated 62% of Alaska’s $17.2 billion gross revenues.
  • In FY 2017 Alaska Native regional corporations contributed over $17 million to non-profit organizations that support youth development, workforce development, health and humanitarian services, arts and culture, and more.

Shareholder Benefits Provided by ANCSA Regional Corporations

  1. Employment/Internships
  2. Workforce Development
  3. Scholarships ($10 M+ annually – statewide; Sealaska Endowment)
  4. Dividends/Distributions
  5. Investment in culture, social services, education, healthcare, economic dev.
  6. Advocacy on Native and Rural Issues
  7. Land Ownership & Management
  8. Lands in Native Ownership
  9. Sustainable Use and Management
  10. Land & Resource Management