Important Notice to Shareholders with Bad Addresses

According to our records, about 1600 shareholders have a bad mailing address with Sealaska.

Shareholders may have moved and have forgotten to update thier address with Sealaska. We hope Shareholders take the time to update now, so they don’t miss out on receiving upcoming Sealaska information, such as proxy materials and the 2018 annual report.

We know shareholders are busy, so we have made updating information like an address easy, through the shareholder portal

How Can You Help Us?

  1. Go to MySealaska today and update your address.
  2. Visit the list of shareholders we have lost contact with here, to see if any of your family or friends are on the list.
  3. If you see family or friends on the bad address list, please let them know.

One Other Item to Consider – Complete a Testamentary Disposition

A Testamentary Disposition (a will for your stock) allows Sealaska shareholders to direct who will receive their Sealaska shares upon their death. This is not a complete personal will but will direct Sealaska on your wishes.

Q: What happens if a Sealaska shareholder does not have a Testamentary on file?
A: Sealaska will process your Sealaska estate according to rules and laws of the State of Alaska, and this will determine how your shares will be passed on.

Upon request, Sealaska will assist shareholders to properly complete, sign and have notarized the Testamentary Disposition form.

Quick Links
2. Shareholders with Bad Address List
3. Link to Testamentary form on MySealaska