Together, We Shape the Future of Sealaska - A Letter from Board Chair Joe Nelson

The board of directors met at the end of March, and we are all excited about Sealaska’s financial performance. The results will be published in the 2017 annual report, showing one of our most successful operating years to date. Shareholders can look for the annual report in their mailboxes in early May. We set a high bar for our management team, and we proved to ourselves that we can be successful. We will continue to work hard.

Now, we are all engaging in thoughtful discussion about how to be prudent with this success and build on it – all the while, being responsive to shareholders’ needs.

We sent out a survey in January that asked shareholders what support they wanted most from Sealaska. If you participated in the survey, I want to personally thank you. Thanks to your feedback, we are expanding the scholarship program and funds. We are also in hearty discussion about adding burial benefits for shareholders, among other things.  

We want to hear more from you.

Sealaska events, like the community meetings and Celebration, are places where shareholders can connect with each other. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I invite you to participate however you can. Together, we can shape the future of the company.  

It is my sincere desire for Sealaska to reconnect with shareholders who have chosen to disconnect over the years. We are only going to be at our best when we have everybody on the same page moving forward together. There is always room for differences, but we work through differences every day in every relationship.  The critical piece is agreeing that we are stronger together.

When you see your directors at the community meetings in May, please share your story on an individual basis. We do not always have the solutions at our fingertips, but working together, we can make positive things happen.