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2020 Year in Review | Three Years of Record Income, Part I
Sunday, December 20, 2020

Sealaska achieved another year of record financial performance with $77.8M in net income and $700M in total revenues for 2019. Sealaska’s 2019 revenue of $700M is the largest in Sealaska’s history. Increasing net income leads to increasing shareholder benefits or programs. Operations and investments are the primary sources of Sealaska’s gross revenue.

During December 2020, we are recapping Sealaska’s 2019 audited financial results, which were published in May 2020. This is part one of a twopart series. 

Sealaska is committed to building an organization that plays an active role in addressing one of the biggest challenges facing our species: the effects of climate change on our environment. The effects of climate change are drastically increasing, with sea level rise, heat waves, drought, and extreme precipitation events occurring at a rate that is increasing the urgency to act.

Our businesses seek to help solve these problems by focusing on producing low-impact foods, providing services like environmental remediation that help clean the water and land, and ensuring thoughtful stewardship of our forestland. We’re working hard to help maximize the utility of our resources while restoring and safeguarding ocean health. 

Sealaska’s financial growth includes acquisition of sustainable seafood companies dedicated to localizing supply chains, increasing traceability, and respecting the fish they transform into nourishing products. We are expanding capabilities in the marine science and engineering industries to guard and enhance ocean health. Sealaska’s carbon offset program continues to drive record revenues while maintaining carbon stocks on our traditional homelands. 

View a 2020 business presentation to shareholders by Sealaska Chief Executive Officer Anthony Mallott and Chief Operating Officer Terry Downes. 

In 2019, Sealaska generated more net income than it ever has before. Every operating business delivered significant year-over-year growth. Sealaska businesses are building a solid base for the future. This allows for investments in critical community and shareholder programs. Flip through Sealaska’s story.

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