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Inside Look: EBITDA at Sealaska
Thursday, October 28, 2021

Sealaska measures the success of our businesses through operating EBITDA growth. EBITDA – Earnings before Interest Expense, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization – gives us insight into how our businesses are performing financially before accounting adjustments or expenses that are unrelated to the running of those operations.

As shown in the chart above, EBITDA from our business operations has grown steadily since 2015. New England Seafood Ltd and CS Marine Constructors joined Sealaska last year, as we continue to double-down on our investment in businesses that most strongly reflect our vision and values.

Just a few years ago, 7(i) revenue-sharing made up a significant portion of Sealaska’s overall profit. The success of our businesses has changed that mix – we’re no longer reliant on other regional corporations for a significant portion of our cash flow. Continuing that independence into the future is a key tenet for us, one that is critical to building sustainable profits that reliably support ongoing investment in shareholder benefits and programs.

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