Because We Cherish You
Thursday, June 11, 2020

When our Elders came together for the first Sealaska Elders Conference 40 years ago, a single theme emerged: preserving the past and passing it on to future generations. We hear this loud and clear in the “Because We Cherish You” text: “Even from long ago, our grandchildren — we placed high above ourselves. Yes. We cherish them.”

Our Elders’ beautiful words inspire Sealaska to be a better company. We live by — and lead with — our Southeast Alaska Native values, knowing our work will benefit our grandchildren.

"Sealaska cannot fulfill its mission to strengthen our people, culture and homelands alone, said Sealaska Chair Joe Nelson. “We need to work with everyone while strengthening our relationship with Sealaska Heritage Institute."

"The Elders conference was to talk about the social needs of our people,” said Sealaska Director Barbara Cadiente-Nelson. The Elders seized that moment to give words to their vision and their expectation of Sealaska."

"The number one issue our grandchildren will face is the health of our ocean, climate change,” Sealaska President and CEO Anthony Mallott. “It will be the greatest issue that we have to address, and we are putting that forward as our vision."

The video below is a compilation of the leadership voices.

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