Sealaska Invests in Indigenous Languages
Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Dear Sealaska family,

At a recent meeting, we established a fund to support Lingít (Tlingit), Xaad Kíl (Haida) and Shm’algyack (Tsimshian) language revitalization for the next 10 years. We anticipate spending $500,000 annually from the interest earned on this $10 million fund. We have limited time and resources, i.e., speakers and money. We need to use them efficiently and effectively.  

We are not the first ones to commit to this effort and we cannot be the last. We need you and many others to commit your precious time and resources to our languages so we can turn the corner and start creating fluent speakers.  

As we build this program over the next few months, we invite shareholders to submit brief statements of commitment or statements highlighting why this fund matters.  

The statements can be submitted in two categories: a short essay (250-word limit) OR a six-word story. These statements will inform the development of this fund. They will be shared through public channels. On or before Christmas Eve, we will announce cash prize winners for the top entries. Please submit  your entry by email to by Wednesday, December 18, 2019.

Here is my example of a six word story: Indigenous storytelling is values in action.

As you gather with loved ones over this holiday week, we hope you will share some of our indigenous wisdom, especially the wisdom found in our languages. Stay tuned for more information about our language initiative.

Kaaxúxgu | Joe Nelson
Board Chair

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