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Dr. Angela Saa Doo ou Michaud

Sealaska Endorsed Nominee Dr. Angela Saa Doo ou Michaud

It has been an honor to serve Sealaska shareholders in the last three years. Sealaska has been working on financial, cultural, educational and family wellness. I continue to support Sealaska to find financial growth to help provide shareholders with an abundance of resources to help them live a happy and healthy life. I would like to see Sealaska have immersion schools, and successful children graduating and being able to find jobs. I support creating jobs and having them available for shareholder hire in a variety of areas of interest. Our shareholders are successful business owners and stimulate economic development. I will encourage new business ventures and help support them through our subsidiaries. I will see that we help support happy and healthy families that have homes, healthy food and clean water. I am in support of having a highly sought-after tribal college. I will continue to support current and future generations to know and understand their culture and their family history. I will see that we continue to have cultural events and support our tribes. I will help build true relationships with our shareholders. I will encourage the use of technology to reach out to our shareholders in different ways to hear their voices and to help where I am needed.

AGE: 41
CITY / STATE: Anchorage, Alaska
CURRENT AND PREVIOUS OCCUPATION FOR PAST FIVE (5) YEARS: Senior Director of Recovery Services at Cook Inlet Tribal Council from 2020 to present; Senior Director of Southcentral Foundation from 2008 to 2020; Owner/Manager of eight apartment rental units.

CURRENT AND PREVIOUS POSITIONS WITHIN SEALASKA CORPORATION AND/OR SEALASKA SUBSIDIARIES: Member of the Sealaska Board of Directors since 2020; serves as a member of the Shareholder Relations Committee and Communications Subcommittee; trustee on the Elders’ Settlement Trust; and a trustee of the Sealaska Settlement Trust.

DIRECTORSHIP(S) HELD IN OTHER ENTITIES: Serves on Huna Heritage Foundation Board of Trustees and Cook Inlet Native Head Start Board of Directors.

EDUCATION: Master of Business Administration in International Business; Doctor of Chiropractic, Palmer College of Chiropractic; Bachelor of Science in exercise and sports science, Oregon State University; High School Diploma, Ketchikan High School.

AFFILIATIONS: Member of the Alaska Chiropractic Society; American Chiropractic Association; Association of Alaska Native and American Indian Doctors of Chiropractic; Delegate for Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska; Vice President of Anchorage Tlingit and Haida Indians of Alaska; and Alaska Native Sisterhood.

Dr. Michaud is Eagle, Chookaneidí (Bear Clan) and T’dakdeintaan (Kittiwake Clan) yádi (child of). Her Tlingit name is Saa Doo ou.