Alaska Special Election Virtual Information Session Recap
Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Sealaska aims to help provide shareholders with useful information on how to vote for the upcoming Primary Election in Alaska. Regardless of whom you vote for, Sealaska seeks to deliver all shareholders with needed materials to make voting accessible. 

A virtual information session hosted by Sealaska provided a information on the upcoming Alaska special election and the primary for November’s general election, both of which will take place on August 16. 

Executive Director Michelle Sparck of Get Out the Native Vote and Jason Grenn with Alaskans for Better Elections provided nonpartisan information on the new voting system in Alaska and how ranked choice voting will work for the upcoming elections. Sparck and Grenn emphasized the importance of a correctly filled ballot along with ways to get involved. Last election many rural communities suffered having anywhere from 10-20% of ballots rejected due to incorrectly filled ballots. 

To learn more about upcoming dates and deadlines associated with Alaska’s elections, visit the Alaskans for Better Elections, Get Out the Native Vote or the Alaska Division of Elections.

In-person voting will take place on Tuesday, August 16, 2022. 

If you choose to engage in ranking, you're in the poll again, you're in that polling booth again choosing between the next top highest numbered candidates. So even if you thought you didn't want this person as your representative or senator or governor or whatever, you have a choice between these two other higher preforming candidates."

Michelle Sparck

An informed voter is a good voter. Being informed and feeling confident on how to fill out your ballot correctly is a great start. And when you feel confident and you know how; we just encourage people to spread that information and news to friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors.

Jason Green

Want to get involved? Help voting become more accessable to rural communities by emailing Michelle Sparck at 

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