Name Change

If a shareholder's name has changed due to marriage, divorce, adoption, etc., he or she must complete an Affidavit of Name Change form. This form may be requested from the Shareholder Relations Department department or you may download and print the form below. It must be signed in the presence of a Notary Public and returned to Sealaska.

The affidavit must include a copy of the marriage certificate, adoption or divorce decree stating that the shareholder's name has been legally changed. In all circumstances, the name of the shareholder must match the name on the shareholder's Social Security identification card to avoid backup withholding taxes of 31 percent by the Internal Revenue Service.

Upon receipt of the properly completed Affidavit of Name Change form, a stock certificate will be prepared. Sealaska retains the original stock certificate for safekeeping and a duplicate is mailed to the shareholder. This process takes approximately three to four weeks from the date both items are returned to Sealaska.

Affadavit of Name Change

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