Shareholder Participation Committees

Current Members

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What Are Shareholder Participation Committees?

Starting in 2019, Sealaska created three Shareholder participation Committees to increase shareholder communication with Sealaska.

Who Can Apply?

The three committees represent shareholders living in the following areas:
  • Southeast Alaska
  • Rest of Alaska
  • Lower 48 states and Hawaii
Each committee consists of seven voting shareholders who:
  • Are at least 18 years of age
  • Have signed up to MySealaska
  • Have not been convicted, as determined by a court of competent jurisdiction, of a felony within five years of applying to serve
  • Have not been found, as determined by a court of competent jurisdiction, to have engaged in fraud or illegal business practices, or to have breached a confidentiality agreement with the corporation
Are you a director or employee of Sealaska, or an immediate family member of a director, management, or staff member of Sealaska; or a director, management, or staff member of a Sealaska subsidiary or nonprofit affiliate? If so, you are not eligible to apply.

Former members must typically wait six years before being eligible to serve again.

When selecting new members, wherever possible, Sealaska shall give consideration to align the composition of the committees with its shareholder demographic.

How Do I Apply?

Interested shareholders must submit a completed application to Sealaska on or before the date of the Annual Meeting of Shareholders, explaining why they wish to become members and describing what qualities or skills they possess that they believe would be beneficial to serving. If you are eligible and interested in becoming a member, please complete and submit the application to Sealaska by the deadline.

Applications for the Shareholder Participation Committees are open during the annual election cycle. Applications open the same day that the proxy materials are sent to shareholders, and it closes on the day of the annual meeting.

We are not currently accepting applications, since there are no open seats coming up.

Completed applications submitted by the deadline will be reviewed and new members selected shortly after the Annual Meeting of Shareholders. If you are selected, you will be contacted by email and/or telephone to confirm your interest in serving.

Forms will then be emailed to those who remain interested in serving, and must be completed and returned to Sealaska within 20 days. If a selected member declines to serve, cannot be contacted within ten business days or fails to return the completed forms within the specified timeframe, a replacement member will be selected.

Members generally serve staggered, three-year terms that begin at the time of selection and expire at the Annual Meeting three years later.

Other Information

Members are compensated $200 per day, for each regularly scheduled meeting, and are reimbursed for transportation and other reasonable expenses associated with attending meetings.