Once the Hōkūleʻa concludes its formal global launch from Juneau, it will then stop in various Southeast villages and connect with neighboring communities:
  • Aangóon
  • Ḵéex̱ʼ Kwáan
  • Séet Ká, Shtax’héen
  • Kichx̱áan/T’éesh Kwáan Xagu
  • Maxłakxaała
  • Higdáa G̱ándlaay/Gasa’áan/Sháan Séet/Lawáak*
Due to the safety and scheduling needs of the voyage, the Hōkūle’a is not able to make a stop in every community. We extend our sincere gratitude to all Southeast communities for their understanding, participation and support.

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Alaska Sail Plan

  • Yaakwdáat (Yakutat)
  • Xunaa (Hoonah)
  • Deishú/Tlákw.aan (Haines/Klukwan)
  • Dzánti K'ihéeni (Juneau)
  • Aangóon (Angoon)
  • Ḵéex̱ʼ (Kake)
  • Séet Ká (Petersburg)
  • Shtax’héen (Wrangell)
  • Kichx̱áan (Ketchikan)
  • T’éesh Kwáan Xagu (Saxman)
  • Maxłakxaała (Metlakatla)
  • Higdáa G̱ándlaay(Hydaburg)
  • Gasa’áan(Kasaan)
  • Sháan Séet(Craig)
  • Lawáak(Klawock)

Regional Sail Plan

  • June to September 2023 - Alaska, British Columbia, Seattle
  • September to November 2023 - West Coast of the United States
  • January to February 2024- Mexico, Central America, South America
  • March to December 2024 - Exploring the largest country in the world, Polynesia
  • December 2024 to May 2025 - New Zealand
  • May 2025 to March 2026 - West Pacific, ending in Japan
  • September to December 2026 - Shipping from Japan to Los Angeles then sailing home to Hawai’i
  • Spring 2027 - Tahiti

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