Mission & Core Values

Our mission is to strengthen our people, culture, and homelands. We build success by working through our core values:

Haa Aaní | Íitl’ Tlagáa | Na Yuubm: Our Land

  • The basis of our collective identity and culture
  • Utilizing the land while protecting our future generations
  • Sustainable relationship with our lands
  • Sustainable community economies
Our homelands are the ocean and land environment that our people cared for and sustained themselves on for over 10,000 years. That deep connection to place led to sustainable practices and values that are valuable to current day businesses and issues our global environment faces leads us to strive for sustainable communities and a sustainable relationship with our land and ocean.

Haa Shuká | Íitl’ Kuníisii | Na Hlagigyadm: Our Past, Present, Future

  • Our collective identity reaches across generations
  • Sanctity of ancestral cultural and sacred sites and heritage
  • Social and financial benefits for current and future generations
Represents our respect for our ancestors and our drive to pass our cultural heritage to present and future generations while simultaneously creating prosperity and opportunity for them. We base decisions on our understanding of the past and on our plans to advance both present and future generation.

Haa Latseen | Íitl’ Dagwiigáay | Na Yugyetga’nm: Our Strength, Leadership

  • Our collective identity gives us strength
  • Discipline, Resilience, Perseverance, and Adaptability
  • Education and training for leadership
  • Healthy families and communities
Represents our resilience, our strength, and our responsibility to train so that we perform our duties to the best of our abilities. It leads us to invest our assets in areas where we can use our strength and competitive advantages for the optimal future benefit of our Shareholders. Our individual strengths are best utilized within a cohesive team that portrays Whoo.Yax.

Wooch.Yax | Gu dlúu | Ama Mackshm: Balance, Reciprocity and Respect

  • Our collective identity relies on spiritual and social balance
  • Institutional partnerships and collaboration
  • People, tribes, and organizations working together (Wooch.éen)
Represents the balance that we expect to create within all relationships, including our relationship with our natural resources. Companies, relationships, and projects that do not provide adequate value or do not fit with our core values disrupt our balance. As balance also includes the relationship that we have with our employees, our company culture must reflect how strongly we value the input of all Sealaska personnel. Our executive team accordingly strives to create space for every voice to be heard.
Since 2015, Sealaska revenue has grown six-fold, reflecting dramatic growth in our operations over a relatively short time. While the size of our revenue isn’t as important as the size of our profits, the magnitude of the increase highlights the growing scale of our businesses, and the success of our three operating platforms in food, land, and water.