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Shtax Kwáan (Shxʼatḵwáan) people from Shtax’heen (the Stikine River). Tlingit people and their ancestors have inhabited this island for thousands of years. According to Naanyaa.aayí clan traditions, Tlingit people migrated down the Stikine River during a time when the river still flowed underneath glaciers. Numerous petroglyphs found at Petroglyph Beach just north of Wrangell, as well as those scattered on the beaches of the many islands in the vicinity, attest to the long Tlingit occupation.

Federally Recognized Tribe

Wrangell Cooperative Association



Alaska Island Community Services


ANCSA Village Corporation

Wrangell is considers a "Landless" community under ANCSA. Sealaska supports the coalition of the five landless communities including Wrangell.

Landless Representatives

Leo Barlow

Brad Fluetsch