Board Youth Advisor Program

L to R – David Russel Jensen, Aidan Hellen, Maka Monture Päki, Barbara Blake, Alyssa London - all former Board Youth Advisors

Helping our people reach their full potential is important to Sealaska. We are proud to help unlock that potential and prepare our children to lead a thriving region and economy.

The Board Youth Advisor position was created in 2009 to cultivate this skill set among Sealaska shareholders and descendants. At the time, directors recognized that voices of young leaders were missing from discussions and decisions in Sealaska’s boardroom.

Each year, two Board Youth Advisors are selected from a pool of applicants for staggered two-year terms. During the term, Board Youth Advisors share their perspective in board and committee meetings. In turn, they receive valuable insight and training on board processes and procedures. The position is an opportunity to develop professional networks and a broad outlook on the issues and opportunities faced by Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian people and the Southeast Alaska region.

Key Highlights of BYA Application

  1. Deadline | March 27
  2. Qualifications
    1. Be actively involved in the Native community through organizations such as local Alaska Native Sisterhood or Alaska Native Brotherhood chapters, Early Scholars Program, or the Wóoch.een student group at the University of Alaska Southeast, as examples
    2. Engage in cultural activities such as Alaska Native dance, cultural and subsistence food gathering, Native arts, language programs, and other Sealaska Heritage Institute programs, as examples
    3. Have current or prior work experience with an Alaska Native company or agency such as Village, Urban or Regional Corporations and their subsidiaries, cultural not-for-profit organizations, Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska, and community IRAs, as examples
    4. Conduct themselves in a manner appropriate for service on the Sealaska Board of Directors and as a role model for other young Alaska Natives
  3. Eligibility
    1. Be at least 18 years of age but not older than 25 years of age upon date of submission
    2. Be a holder of at least one share of Class A, B or C Settlement Common Stock and/or Class D Descendants’ Life Estate Stock of the Corporation
    3. Have completed a minimum of two years of college at an accredited community college, junior college, or university; or two years of comparable work experience; or two years of military service

A History of Sealaska Board Youth Advisors

2009 — 2010 Megan Gregory
2010 — 2011 Barbara Blake
2011 — 2012 Ralph Wolfe
2012 — 2013 Madeline Soboleff-Levy
2013 — 2014 Alysha Guthrie
2014 — 2015 Alyssa London
2015 — 2016 Barbara Dude
2106 — 2017 David Russell-Jensen
2017 — 2018 Nicole George
2018 — 2019 Aidan Hellen
2019 — 2020 Maka Monture Päki
2020 — 2021 Michaela Demmert
2021 — 2022 Tia Silva
2022 — 2024 Connor Ulmer
2023 — 2025 Breylan Martin